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Aerodynamic Improvements you can make in a 2001 to 2003 Prius to reduce drag..

On most 2001 to 2003 Prius cars the front license plates hangs down over the air intake in the bumper creating unnecessary drag.

You can move the fender up by drilling two new holes in the plate.

  • Look up the laws in your area regarding modifying your license plate. If they are restrictive you may have to modify the mounting bracket rather than the plate.
  • Remove the plate.
  • Put fingernail polish or any other slow drying paint around the holes
  • Position the plate so it will create minimal drag and so the holes will not go through any of the symbols on your license plate. (You do not want to make the plate any less readable.)
  • Press against the holes.
  • Look at the marking if they are not quite level center with a ruler from one edge of the plate. And center punch an indentation with a nail etc.
  • Drill your holes and mount your plate.

    Congratulate yourself. You have just removed several square inches of unnecessary drag from the front of the car!

  • Hybrid partsHybrid partsAs an owner of a Prius I have found some parts that you might want.(see below)

    We have tested them on our Prius and been 12 volt selling batteries for hybrids since 2005. The Optima deep discharge batteries work great on a hybrid. (These batteries are chemically configured to allow more discharges instead of lot of cranking amps. You do not need cranking amps on a hybrid because the high voltage battery cranks the engine.)

    "A short time ago I sent an email requesting the USPS tracking number. I am now pleased to inform you that this information is no longer necessary, in light of the fact that USPS has already delivered my Prius battery. In my opinion this is nothing short of miraculous! Kudos to you and your shipper, the U.S. Postal Service!

    The battery was very thoughtfully protected within the Priority Mail box, by the way. Thanks for your expert assistance!

    Sincerely, J. H., Clarksburg, MD

    P.S. I ordered this same battery about a week ago, from Amazon, whose Marketplace at that time was defaulting to a competitor of yours. Four days later, I received word from them that the battery was not actually in stock at their warehouse, but would arrive sometime within the next two weeks. When I pointed out that their online inventory through Amazon Marketplace had indicated that it was in stock at the time of my order, and that it seemed like they could have informed me otherwise in something less than four days, they got quite a bit "huffy" about it (putting it mildly). Anyway, more to the point, in less time than it took them to tell me that their own inventory control was deficient, you actually put a brand new battery in my hands, and shipped it all the way across the nation to get it here. I won't forget it!

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