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1582345104  US$24.95  

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The prior edition of this dictionary was called the Encarta World English Dictionary, published by Saint Martins Press - ISBN: 031222222x. It was the original unabridged version of the Encarta Dictionary. This new edition is published in England as the Bloomsbury English Dictionary with an ISBN of 0747562431. This edition is the edition for the United States and is published by Bloomsbury USA with the ISBN of 1582345104

Although the prior edition had some omissions of main entries and definitions that would have been expected in a large dictionary many of our customers liked it very much for having understandable definitions.

From the publisher:

With 11,000 new words and meanings

The Encarta Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language, 2nd Edition Edited by Anne H. Soukhanov

With 11,000 new words and meanings, this new edition of the Encarta Webster’s captures a worldwide view of the English language as it’s used today. The dictionary offers more than 400,000 words, phrases, and meanings; 2,000 key quotations through the ages; 4,000 illustrated items, including maps, tables and charts; 10,000 biographical and geographical entries; and authoritative advice on usage, including 1,000 common misspellings and 900 usage notes. Encarta Webster’s lexicographers have hunted down the latest terms from the worlds of information technology, science, popular culture, and business. They also include words entering common parlance from other languages, and in hundreds of fascinating word origin entries they note the derivation of English words and phrases. Written in a clear, accessible tone, up-to-date and expansive in its vision of English as an evolving and global tongue, the Encarta Webster’s is an invaluable resource for English speakers everywhere.

tip•ping point (informal) n. the defining moment in a situation that determines if or when a change or decision should be made

Praise for the previous edition of the Encarta Webster’s (first ed. title: Encarta World English Dictionary):

“To my ear and based on my experience, the definitions and the way they are sequenced—to denote a hierarchy of contemporary usage—is right on target...I suspect it will become the main dictionary I use from here on.”—Baltimore Sun

“The pleasure of thumbing through the Encarta dictionary is to see how swiftly words and phrases are assimilated into the language...a reaffirmation of the expansion of English in every sense of the word.”— Boston Globe

“The most ambitious dictionary of our language...The new Encarta is a terrific new reference source.”—Washington Post

“A rather remarkable foray into differing cultures, marked by the dictionary's ‘cultural notes’ and reminders that the same words used in different places, such as ‘robot,’ ‘mail slot’ and ‘swing voter,’ have very different meanings.”—Chicago Tribune

Published October 2004 8 1/2” x 10 1/2”, 2,208pp HARDCOVER ISBN: 1582345104


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