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Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner Basic CD 5th edition

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

0007210132cd  US$10.00, 10 for US$80.00  

Runs on Windows Vista™ & Windows 7 (tested on 64 bit)

This 5th edition (Published 2006) is also available in paper or hardback.

    This is the CD that comes with the paper dictionary and has the following:
  • Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (5th edition published in 2006)
  • Word Bank of 5 million words of authentic text samples (written and spoken) from the Bank of English corpus

Please note: We can NOT recommend this dictionary for High Schools because a great many offensive words are defined. This dictionary is for adults and words are defined based on written and verbal usage. Any word that is considered offensive is labeled as offensive.

The dictionary has easy to understand full sentence definitions with lots of examples. This makes it very easy to understand a word.

If there is a word in any reference on this CD (see the list below) you do not understand, you can double click on it and look up the definition. Once you are done looking up that word, you can go back to where you were with the touch of a button. To do this with a paper dictionary you have to flip through pages and put in page markers.

This Collins Cobuild dictionary is a talking dictionary that pronounces the words and their various forms. It even lets the user record his pronunciation and compare it with the one on the CD.

The software lets you very rapidly search the index or the text through all the books on the CD (see list below). If you are looking for a word having to do with something you can search the full text for that something and find the word. This is very helpful and something you can not do with a paper dictionary.

This dictionary has a unique English grammar to help a learner of English understand how to use a word. There are entries in the help files that simply define the grammar terms used in this dictionary. Because the CD makes it easy to find the definitions of the grammar terms the dictionary becomes that much easier to use for a native or non-native speaker of English (English as a Second Language(ESL) speaker, of English).

Click here for a sample screen.

A review of this CD from one of our customers.

In the advance learner’s dictionary, you have access to the dictionary and the Wordbank.

The dictionary provides the definitions of the word plus the definitions of all the derived forms and compounds of the word. It also offers the full list and definitions of any other word that contains the original word in its definition, illustration or sentence examples. For example, when you look up the word “mail,” other than all the definitions, you shall find tens of compounds such as “airmail” and “blackmail” including their definitions. You shall also find the derived forms and phrasal verbs like “mail out.” You shall also find tens of words such as “box” and “address book,” which in their definition contain the word “mail.” You shall also find 44 sentences that are given to demonstrate other words but also include the word “mail.”

Wordbank provides many sentences that contain the word you’re looking up. There are 602 sentences for the word “mail.”

From the publisher

Not just a dictionary this is what is included:
  • Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (5th and latest edition published in 2003)
  • Word Bank of 5 million words of authentic text samples (written and spoken) from the Bank of English corpus
  • over 70,000 high quality audio pronunciations of headwords, phrases, derived words, and inflected forms are spoken

With fast and powerful searching across all components, this CD-ROM offers an unrivalled guide to the English language today. Much more than just an electronic dictionary, it contains:
  • latest edition of the Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (5th edition) The CD features:
    • full installation to the hard drive option for fast and easy reference without using the CD. Requires 50 MB free if the audio is not installed and 600MB of free hard disk drive space to install everything.

    • Fast reference to the grammar symbols in the help file Simple easy to understand definitions for the grammar symbols so you can fully understand how the word is used.
    • quickly retrieve examples of the use of words in real English text, written and spoken from the Word Bank of 5 million words of authentic text samples
    • over 70,000 high quality audio pronunciations of headwords, phrases, derived words, and inflected forms
    • new to the 4th edition record and playback feature so users can compare their own pronunciation with the high quality recording on the CD-ROM
    • full text search over all the contents of this comprehensive CD-ROM
    • one-click hyperlinking so the user can link quickly and easily move between the dictionary and Word Bank

    Now available for networks

    Platform: PC/Windows™
    Minimum specification: IBM-PC compatible (80486 or later)
    Microsoft Windows™ 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista™
    120Mb free hard disk space (basic install) 650Mb for full install
    Sound card plus speakers/headphones

    What our customers have said about the prior 3rd edition Collins Cobuild CD-ROM...

    "I received the Collins Cobuild CD in excellent condition today. I am extremely impressed with the quality of service! I admire the careful packaging and the record time in which I have got this at this end of the world, and that too at this economical cost. Great work, keep it up!!" M.U., United Arab Emirates
    This customer used Intl. Air CDs only.This option gives you everything but the store display box.This product no longer comes in a store display box so pick this method and save money.

    I am pleased to inform you that I have received your shipment already. I got the Collins Cobuild CD two days ago.

    Not only is the product itself very good but also has your customer service been absolutely excellent. I especially appreciated having been informed about any news concerning my order at any time. Thanks a lot for your kind help again.

    Best Regards from Switzerland
    , L.L.

    "This product is good!", S. O., Maebashi Gunma, Japan

    Our customers overwhelming like the 3rd edition product this edition is similar but updated. We believe, you will also like it! If you don't like it, you can send it back. We ship all over the world.

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner Basic CD 5th edition 0007210132cd  US$10.00, 10 for US$80.00  

Collins COBUILD dictionaries and reference booksCollins COBUILD dictionaries and reference booksESL (English as a Second Language) dictionaries and reference books - Dictionaries know for explanatory full-sentence definitions

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