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Collins COBUILD New Student's Dictionary (Softcover + CD)

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This dictionary has easy to understand full sentence definitions with lots of examples. This makes it much easier to understand a word.

This COBUILD dictionary with a much simpler grammar than the Concise Learners or the Advanced Learners but the number of definitions is less.

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From publisher:

This third edition of the Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary Plus Grammar offers up-to-date coverage of today's language plus a full-length English Grammar - an invaluable combination for learners of English. Presented in a clear, attractive, color layout, the Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary Plus Grammar is THE indispensable reference work for intermediate learners of English today. The new edition contains all the features for which the COBUILD range is renowned; explanations in full sentences with important collocations highlighted, examples of real English from the Bank of English, and detailed coverage of the language used in the 21st century. In addition, the Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary has special labeling of frequent words, hundreds of guidance notes on grammar and usage and helpful illustrations throughout. Supplements include a section on dictionary skills, a comprehensive list of prefixes and suffixes, and a 200-page English Grammar Guide, giving learners all the information they need on the most important points of English Grammar.

New for this edition, a CD-ROM provides easy-to-use electronic access to the dictionary, and links to email, the Internet and word processing programs. The CD-ROM also contains hundreds of interactive exercises practicing grammar and vocabulary.

From the publisher regarding the prior edition

  • up-to-date coverage of today's English - cybercafe dumb down, focus group, WAP
  • special labeling of the most frequently used words use of color for added clarity
  • thousands of examples of real English from the Bank of English explanations in full
  • sentences, with important set structures highlighted extensive usage notes giving
  • guidance on difficult vocabulary helpful illustrations covering different topics guide
  • to using the dictionary, with practical exercises and explanations

Plus... in-depth, easy-to-use 200-page English Grammar Guide, with explanations and examples of all key areas of English Grammar, and warning notes about potential difficulties

A dictionary is probably the single most important reference book that a student of English can buy. This dictionary is especially important, because for many of its users it will be the first dictionary entirely in English that they use. Like all COBUILD Dictionaries, the New Student's Dictionary is based on the analysis of real language in use. Over the last few years, we have built up a huge collection of text, both written and spoken, called The Bank of English. At present, The Bank of English stands at over 320 million words, and it forms the basis of all the statements that COBUILD makes about the language. It enables the dictionary writers at COBUILD to explore the way in which the language works, and reveals the patterns and systems that underlie the English language.

Because it is all held on computer, The Bank of English provides very fast and accurate access to all sorts of information about the language. One very significant area is word frequency. This information is absolutely vital in helping to prepare dictionary entries, both because it helps in the selection of words that are suitable for use in dictionary definitions, and because it provides a sensible list of words that need to be included and defined.

The words explained in this dictionary account for over 90% of the language that is written and spoken. That is because there is a relatively small number of words which are used over and over again, while there is a larger number of words which are not used very frequently. For example, in this introduction, there are 743 words in total. Of these, the word `the' occurs 61 times, while 169 words occur only once. In fact, there are only 275 different words in the whole of the introduction. In a much larger amount of text, the words that do not occur very frequently are much less important. That is why this dictionary concentrates on the words that occur over and over again, and why the entries represent the language that students really do need to know and to use.

One of the primary purposes of a learner's dictionary such as this one is to provide information about those words that the user already `knows', as well as to provide information that the user does not know. Many words have several uses and meanings, and we do not really `know' a word until we are familiar with its full range of meaning and grammatical behavior. The information in this dictionary has been carefully chosen and presented in order to enable the dictionary user to be a language user, that is, it enables the student to write better English as well as understand English better.

The entries provide a detailed account of the main uses and meanings of each word. Each of the forms is listed at the start of each entry, along with information about variant spellings where they exist. Explanations are written in full sentences, and reflect typical grammatical behavior as well as providing a clear description of meaning. And of course, the thousands of examples are taken directly from The Bank of English, showing typical patterns of use and grammatical structure.

As well as continuing the traditions which have become the hallmark of COBUILD dictionaries over the last 10 years, this new edition of the Student's Dictionary has a number of new features. The most immediately noticeable is the use of color, which has been introduced to help the entries stand out on a page. Color is also used in many of the illustrations as a means of highlighting the elements that are being illustrated.

There are a number of usage notes throughout the text which supplement the information already provided in the dictionary entries, and which, in many cases, draws together information that helps to clarify the distinctions that exist between some items.

In the early pages of the book there is a Practical Guide to Using the Dictionary: this lists all the important features in the dictionary, and provides exercises to help the user become more proficient in dictionary use.

Regarding the CD:
  • Contains COBUILD Student Dictionary 3rd edition with the grammar. This is an excellent beginners dictionary which has full sentence definitions that explain how to use a word.
  • Pronounces all the words in British English and some words also have an American English pronunciation as well.
  • Main Entries for both British and American English spellings.
  • Fully install to disk as an option
  • Window expands to full screen so you can easily pick the correct definition.
  • Pop-Up Window option (small screen) that lets you click on a word in some applications and you can see the definition in the pop-up window. This works with:
    • Microsoft Outlook 97 and above
    • Outlook express 4 and above
    • Microsoft Word 2000 and above
    • Internet Explorer 4 and above
    • Notepadď
    • WordPadď
    • Acrobat Reader 4 and above
  • Instantly Searches Main Entries, Definitions and Examples and displays all the results in the left window so you can select what you want.
  • Show the main entries in the left menu so you can select the entry you want.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or NT
  • Minimum 32MB ram (64MB recommended)
  • 300 MB of hard disk space for full installation or 20.5 for minimal installation.

This dictionary does not include information about the history of words. Understanding a word's history can help you to fully understand a word. For example, a word's history can help you understand what all of the various definitions for a word have in common. We have some excellent books which only explain word history. You might want to consider buying and using them with this dictionary.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Collins COBUILD New Student's Dictionary (Softcover + CD) 0007202032+cd  List price: US$24.00  Sale price: US$19.00  

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