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Collins Electronic English Dictionary & Thesaurus CD-ROM

0004720814  List price: US$44.50  Sale price: US$20.00  

This electronic dictionary has been recommended to me by two people who know dictionaries well. It is an advanced dictionary that gives you enough data that you actually feel you understand the word yet requires the average reader to look up only a few words in its definitions on occasion. Who wants to have to learn a whole subject when you are grappling with a confusion on what you just read and need the right definition to bail you out.

The software is not the latest, published in 1995, but who cares if you get access to good definitions that really help you understand what you are reading. It does not prononce the words.

The dictionary covers British English but it does include definitions of American, Australian, Canadian, and New Zeeland origin.

From the publisher

Instant access to 190,000 definitions and over 325,000 synonyms and antonyms. You'll never be at a loss for words again.

There you are, tapping away at your keyboard and suddenly your mind goes blank... "Is there a better way to say this? What's that word I'm looking for?" Or you've found a word but you don't know if it's the right one... "What does this word really mean? Am I using it in the right way?"

The answer to questions like these are a lot closer than your bookshelf. Because with Collins Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus you're one key away from 190,000 definitions connected to 325,000 synonyms and antonyms. This makes it the fastest way to find the right word.

Your Definitive Word Source

190,000-word Dictionary with 14,000 new and updated entries including splatterpunk, Clinton, Balti; etymologies; pronunciations; examples of words in use; in-depth information on how to use words appropriately; and more.

  • 325,000-word Thesaurus including antonyms.
  • Definitions Search finds a word when you only know its definition, or have a vague idea of what it means. For example, type "goods & payment" and you'll get a list of 20 words, including "quantum meruit".
  • Wildcard Search finds a word when you only know part of the word. For example, type "dra*" and get a list of 149 words beginning with "dra", including "drachma".
  • Anagram Search finds all the words that can be made with the letters of a word. For example, type "cat sat on the mat" and get a list of 9 words with 8 letters of more, including "test match".
  • Browse lets you look through the entire dictionary or thesaurus one word at a time.
  • Other features include changing the layout of the screen, printing word lists or definitions, History, cross-referencing between Dictionary and Thesaurus and other compatible dictionaries.

In the time that it takes to look up a word's meaning in a printed dictionary, Collins Electronic English Dictionary and Thesaurus can produce a full definition, offer a list of alternatives, and paste the new, more appropriate word choice into your document. It's the best writer's word source and the fastest way to find the right word. It enables you to make your writing more expressive and impressive.

System Requirements

IBM or compatible PC with 4Mb RAM and 80386SX or faster micro-processor.
Full installation onto hard disk requires 17.5 Mb free disk space.
Minimum installation requires 4Mb.
Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000(some problems reported with 2000) & XP
Mouse recommended.
Can be used within Microsoft Office or Word

ISBN 0-00-472081-4
Version 2.0 c

For use on up to:EducationalCommercial
10 workstations $180.00$225.00
25 workstations $360.00$450.00
50 workstations $495.00$600.00
100 workstations$615.00$750.00
150 workstations$735.00$900.00

Out of stock and out of print.
However, we are taking orders for the new edition due out in November. For information about the new edition please click here.

Collins Electronic English Dictionary & Thesaurus CD-ROM 0004720814  List price: US$44.50  Sale price: US$20.00  

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