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Newsletter # 15 - 17 Sept 2004

You are receiving this newsletter if you have previously ordered products from eLearnAid or have asked to be on our mailing list. We have put information in this newsletter that you might find useful. Please look at the table of contents. However, instructions to unsubscribe from this newsletter are at the bottom of this email.

In this newsletter:

    1. Oxford English Dictionary Version 3.1 will be coming around mid October.
    2. The Longman Advanced American CD and the Longman American Dictionary CD are not available without the paper dictionary.
    3. Macmillan English Dictionary For Advanced Learners of American English now has a reduced price.
    4. Free Shipping and a free Webster’s New World College Dictionary on CD for orders over $50.00.
    5. Computer Technical Tips: How to determine why you computer has slowed down.

Oxford English Dictionary Version 3.1 will be coming around mid October.


The upgrade will include almost 2,000 newer entries that have been added to the OED since 1997 and have been available only to on-line OED subscribers until now.

More complex searches can be done with Boolean operators, case sensitive searching, exact character searching and with an extended range of wild card options and much more.

Automatic look-up feature enables fast access to the OED headwords from any Microsoft Office 97, 2000 or XP.

The list price on the upgrade is $79.95 but we will be selling the upgrade for only $35.00 as a prerelease special. Once this product is released we will probably have to charge more as we are getting special pre release pricing from Oxford. To purchase this as a prerelease item please do not include other items with your order and we will not actually charge your card till we actually ship the Version 3.1. You can of course make additional orders for other items that are available now.


The Longman Advanced American CD and the Longman American Dictionary CD are not available without the paper dictionary.

The Longman Advanced American Dictionary CD has nice simple word histories (derivations)! Not every word has a word history but many of them do. This is only true of the CD. You will not find them on the paper dictionary. Until recently you had to buy the paper dictionary to get the CD but the CD is now sold separately for only $13.27 at http://www.elearnaid.com/londic.html

What is good about having the word history you might ask? Besides the benefit of understanding how a word’s current meaning came about it can communicate the basic concept that helps one to understand the many current definitions for a word and how they relate to one another.

As an example the other day I looked up the word "leeward". This is a word I never felt I fully understood until I understood that lee came from the an Old English word for shelter and that there is a definition for lee that means sheltered or turned away from the wind. I did not get all of this information from the Longman by the way but the Longman has two excellent and simple definitions for Leeward as follows:

    1. the leeward side of something is the side that is sheltered from the wind

    2. a leeward direction is the same direction as the wind is blowing

What is news about this is that this is a dictionary written for non-native speakers with very simple definitions. In fact, all of the definitions are written using only 2000 words. This means you will have to look up words less often in the definitions to understand them.

Another nice thing about this dictionary is that it does not have an extremely complicated grammar that takes a long time to learn.

The CD version does install to your hard drive for instant access whenever you need to look up a word and it does pronounce the words.

The price is only $12.27 go to http://www.elearnaid.com/lonadamdicpa1.html


The Macmillan English Dictionary For Advanced Learners of American English is now available through American distribution lines. As a result the price is only $39.99. This is a very large dictionary and the publisher claims that this is the most extensive dictionary designed for English Learners. It sure looks that way from its size.

The definitions are written in an easy to understand manner and the dictionary does have some simple example sentences but not all definitions have example sentences. The dictionary does not have derivations (word histories) however it looks like a very good reference because of the easy to understand definitions and the extensiveness of this dictionary.

For more information and to see a sample page go to: http://www.elearnaid.com/maendiforadl.html

Free Shipping and free Webster’s New World College Dictionary on CD for orders over $50.00.

The Webster’s New World™ College Dictionary Fourth Edition is a good dictionary. The CD version displays a small screen that is handy for a quick reference. It uses an extensive vocabulary to define words so it is not a beginners dictionary but it is a good reference to have and is the dictionary recommended by the Associated Press. You can not beat the price and we are able to make this promotional offer because we bought the CDs in quantity and got a good price. We are very pleased to be able to offer such a good dictionary as a free promotional item and we hope you will be able to put it to good use.

If you are shipping to the 48 contiguous States we are also now offering free shipping for orders over $50.00. This is for Media Mail, which usually takes from two to fourteen days. If you need it there more predictably or faster we still offer delivery via air mail and UPS ground or air delivery.

Take advantage of our free shipping offer and get your free CD today. (Your total order has to be more than $50.00 for free shipping.)

Computer Technical Tips: How to determine why you computer has slowed down.


Most of us have experienced our PCs slowing down to a crawl and thought the worst! A virus must have taken over our computer. There is a way to find out which program is hogging resources and causing your computer to slow down.

For Windows XP and 2000 there is a program that allows you to see which program is causing the problem. You can also purchase programs like this for the earlier Windows operating systems. You hit the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys together and this program will start up it is called Windows Task Manager in XP but it might have a slightly different name in Windows 2000 and all the directions that follow may be slightly different for Windows 2000. The performance tab shows a graph of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) usage and the Page file usage history.

Usually if there is a problem the CPU will show that it is running all of the time or 100%. This does not alway mean you need a faster computer though it might if this occurs frequently. You next want to investigate this further by clicking on the Processes tab. This will show the file names of all the programs that are running and the percentage of CPU usage that each is using. Just look down the CPU column and find the one program that has a high percentage of usage. Some software packages use several programs so you may not recognize the name. Once you have the file name of the guilty program I go on the Internet and search for this name. More than likely someone else has also experienced that this , has also slowed their computer down and you will get some information about how to handle it. If you do not get any information from the Internet you can search for the file name on your hard disk drive with the file search utility (Click on Start, Search, For files or folders – in the traditional start menu of Windows XP) . Based on the directory the file is in you can usually tell which software package the program is part of and then contact the software provider for more information.

In our next issue we will go over what to do if the Page file usage is slowing down your computer.

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