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Newsletter #1 - 2/23/2001

eLearnAid.com Newsletter #1

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Yes, that’s right -- learning can help you improve conditions in your life. This truth seems self-evident and you would think everyone knows this instinctively. But how many times in your life have you been the effect of something? Perhaps it was a problem, a sticky situation, or a confusion. And you didn’t know what to do to handle it.

What is the solution? It starts with learning something about it!

Once you’ve learned more, you will have more control over the situation -- whatever it is.

Here’s an example...

Situation: You’re always getting lost in a strange new city.
Solution: Learn more about that city, including the roads, some landmarks.
Result: You are better able to find your way around the city.

This is just one example of many situations where you can use “Learning” to solve everyday and ongoing problems in your life.

Obvious, huh? Well how many people do you know continue to stumble around new cities or continue to have similar problems in their life? Probably several. And that’s because they don’t know the true basics of learning, why you learn, and how you learn.

Did YOU learn how to learn in school? Most likely, your answer will be a firm “NO!” Many schools don’t teach us HOW to learn, they teach us WHAT to learn.

That student you thought was “slow” may not be deficient in “brain power”, but may instead just not know HOW to learn.

The solution? The book “Study Skills for Life”. This is a manual that will teach you what you probably were not taught. HOW to learn, HOW to study.

With the skills you will learn in this book, you will be armed with the tools to continue learning throughout your lifetime. And THAT will help to improve conditions in your life.

This book is available from our online bookstore Hardcover $43.75, Softcover $13.46


This person took a class based on the book “Study Skills for Life”. This is what she says:

“This class really helped me because when I first came here I didn’t know how to study, and thanks to the Study Skills for Life book, I now have better study skills. I know that I’ll use these skills for the rest of my life. And now I can do anything. I could go to a regular class and have no problem trying to compete with the rest of the class. And that just goes to show you that you can do anything when you put your mind to it.”

Read more successes from people who took classes based on the book “Study Skills for Life”.


This special package offer is designed especially for your young student, ages 10 through 17. It includes all the books you would need to teach good study skills and how to use a dictionary. The package also includes a good dictionary and a punctuation reference. This is a good booster for any student in secondary school.

This package includes:
Study Skills for Life, Softcover -- worth $14.95!
PLUS How to Use a Dictionary Picturebook -- worth $19.95!
PLUS Webster’s New World Children’s Dictionary -- worth $14.95!
PLUS A First Derivation Dictionary -- worth $18.00!
PLUS American English Punctuation for Anyone -- worth $12.95!

An $80.80 value for only $65.00! A savings of 20 percent!

Buy this as a gift for your child and give them the boost they need to prepare for college.

This package offer is only available through this newsletter. To order, click here.

Hurry, as this special package offer is available only for the next three weeks.



1 to try to learn by reading and thinking [She studies history as a hobby.]
2 to read in order to understand and remember [He studied the poem and memorized it.]
3 to take a class or course in [My mother is studying science at college.]
4 to look at or into in a careful way; examine or investigate [They are studying the problem of pollution.]

1 the act of reading or thinking in order to learn something [It takes years of study and practice to be a fine musician.]
2 careful and serious examination [a study of traffic problems].
3 studies education; schooling [I continued my studies at college.]
4 a room used for studying or reading.

This word comes from the Webster’s New World Children’s Dictionary on CD-ROM.


One of eLearnAid.com’s most popular products has been the Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM from Oxford University Press. This dictionary is the most complete dictionary of the English Language and has definitions in it that are not available anywhere else. It is a valuable reference for anyone who writes or needs to fully understand English. With a click of a mouse, you can swiftly view words in the most comprehensive dictionary available on CD-ROM. It can be purchased online for $220.


You are receiving this newsletter if you have previously ordered products from eLearnAid or have asked to be on our mailing list. To unsubscribe from this newsletter, please email us at newsletter@elearnaid.com and put “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

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