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Used Hybrid Battery for Toyota: Camry, Avalon, RAV4, Nisan Altima, Lexus: HS250h, ES300h, NX300h

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

carmy-battery  List price: US$1,200.00  Sale price: US$900.00  Auto:: 

This battery comes from the pictured 2015 Camry. It had 92,447 miles on it. The damage on the side was not enough to damage the battery. The battery is in great shape we check voltage variation and found none all modules measured 7.54 volts. (That is 1/100 of a volt with no variation.) This is a very good battery!

You should be able to get a minimum of 58k miles out of this pack and 4 or 5 years use. Toyota warranties there batteries in California to 150K & 10 years and the batteries do last that long. They have now extended that warranty to all 50 states and this reflects the improvement that has been made in these batteries.

We have been dealing with the yard where we got this battery for years and trust them and only had one problem with their batteries which they took responsibility for. We also verify the dates of the battery modules for: all made the same date and the correct year. We will include a Toyota tech tip so you can verify the manufacture dates of the battery modules.

Based on our experience with 2010 Prius and hard using Uber drivers in Los Angeles (lots of stop and go traffic, hill climbs and air conditioning with the car stopped) where the batteries work to 200,000 miles.

Installation price varies based on the car. Call us at 818 364 9810. It is ok to leave a message but do not text.

Shipping modules only free to anywhere in US including Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Quam. Shipping complete battery you pay the cost about $150.

Call us! 818 364-9810 Ok to leave a message do not text.

This battery is available now!

The pictures are the donor car. Note the rear end, where the battery is, was not damaged. Know what you are getting! Not some heavily degrade battery modules that have been carefully balanced to give you a few years of bad performance with the engine running too often.

We had a customer who recently came to use with a refurbished battery that failed after 1.5 years. He could have done back to the company that provided him the battery and paid labor and gotten another but he was tired of dealing with short life refurbished batteries.

.With Gen 3 modules their are less impurities and the individual cells do not fail the entire pack just gives out at 200k miles. Even if you are not planning on keeping your Prius for the projected life of this battery, it is a good option for you because you can show the paperwork and tell the customer you put in generation 3 battery pack.

We will include pictures from the donor car plus a Toyota reference that allows you to verify manufacture date of the battery modules.

If you look at the picture the damage is all in the front.

"I reached out to Bernie when my 2006 Prius hybrid battery failed in December of 2015 (the dreaded red triangle of death). He had treated me well with a replacement 12V rear battery the year before. At the time he had a battery from a junked Prius with 108k on it. Mine was just past warranty at 153k. I drove up to Sylmar and within a couple of hours, we had the new battery installed and working great! Bernie knew his Prius battery systems backwards and forwards. I just hung around and held the proverbial flashlight. That was over a year and a half ago and not a single issue since. If you have to replace your hybrid battery, go see Bernie, he knows his stuff and is reliable, professional, experienced and a good guy. Respect and thanks" Kevin P., Los Angeles" September 2017

Update: July 2020 after 4.5 years!:

The 2008 battery you put in my ‘06 is going strong! Put over 40k miles on it. If I hear anyone looking for a ‘10 I’ll point them your way. Kevin P. - Los Angeles

Warranty: If battery fails in one year we will repair it at our location or within 50 miles of Sylmar, CA. or send you replacement modules. This does not cover battery modules that fail due to improper installation.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Used Hybrid Battery for Toyota: Camry, Avalon, RAV4, Nisan Altima, Lexus: HS250h, ES300h, NX300h carmy-battery  List price: US$1,200.00  Sale price: US$900.00  Auto:: 

Used hybrid batteries with lots of years and mileage left.Used hybrid batteries with lots of years and mileage left.Good for 4 to 12 years. If you replace the battery modules yourself then we will ship the modules for free!

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"If I could have rated this merchant higher that a 5, I would have given him a 'Perfect 10.'" - K. W.

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