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Mary Lewis - Tutor
Helping kids do much better in School for over 18 Years!
Math through algebra I, physics, phonics, reading,comprehension and study skills. This includes tutoring in: trigonometry(trig) , algebra (1).

Effective Tutoring - Mary Lewis, 3635 Newton St., Suite G,
Torrance, CA 90505 (Bordering: Lomita, Rolling Hills Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes and Harbor City)
310 534-2130

My name is Mary Lewis and I offer professional private tutoring. I use a unique fun approach to tutoring. My goal is real understanding of concepts and self-sufficiency, not merely helping with homework. For a child to achieve true competence at his current level it is necessary to clear up their earlier confusions. My Math Excellence Program does exactly that and I get wonderful results. It is flexible and I modify it to meet each child's needs. Study skills are a vital part of this program.

My tutoring is FUN! It includes many games and I also have balls we toss to learn the math facts and more. Additionally, I use lots of math demonstrations, which kids love. These are real objects that kids can see and touch and therefore really get a concept. To add to the fun I reward their hard work with prizes. Squirt guns, balls, bubbles, chattering teeth, arts and crafts, etc. are treasured prizes that my students work hard for.

Comparing weights

How heavy is a kilogram? Kids find out for themselves. Guessing the weight first then finding the actual weight is very fun.

Learning the place value system

Using straws is a fun way of learning the Place Value System. They are bundled together to carry and taken apart to borrow.

understanding surface area

These 3-D shapes are very helpful for learning, especially about surface area. Each clear shape has an inner identical colored shape that unfolds. Kids love these and really get the concepts.

student Understanding Volumes

Wooden cubes of different sizes are used to explore volume.

learning area and perimeter

1 square foot floor tiles are used to really get the concepts of area and perimeter.

understanding converting square feet to square inches

Using a 1 square foot floor tile and filing it in with 1-inch square tiles, kids see that 1 square foot and 144 square inches are equivalent.

Math Whiz ball

My student is holding a Math Whiz balloon ball. There are 15 different balls. We toss these balls and for each toss one problem is done. It is a playful way of learning the math facts. Each needed level is played and when finished they get a prize. There are many prizes to choose from such as: squirt guns, balls, balloons, arts and crafts, etc.

The Grocery Store

This is one of four games I created called "Grocery Store". My student is the Clerk and I am the customer. They total the items and count out my change.

The String Store

This is the "String Store" game. The Clerk measures and cuts the string then counts the change.

To date, everyone that has completed my program gets good grades in math. They understand math rather than just trying to survive it. They go from hating math to liking it, from introversion to confidence. Also, due to their new study skills, they often do better in school in general. Rather than hearing my version of their successes, I invite you to read their success stories.

Success Stories: (The ones in bold are from teachers.)

You can also do well in math!

Mary Lewis is amazing! She has been tutoring my daughters in math and truly reaches them and teaches them!! Both girls ( ages 10 and 8) love coming to tutoring. One just received an A in her Math class at school and the other a high B. Wow! Mary takes the time to go over vocabulary words and uses many tools (and toys) to reinforce the concepts she teaches. She uses visual, kinetic, auditory, and tactile learning techniques to teach. And my experience watching Mary has even inspired me to want to be a math teacher in my later years as a second career. Wa Hoo!

Thank you Mary,

C. B., Parent, Torrance, California

"As an 8th grade Algebra teacher, I recommend any student needing help call Mary. First, they think she's 'cool'. This past year I saw one student go from a D average to an A average, another went from a D to a B average. She's the only tutor I recommend.

S. B., Teacher, Torrance, California

"Since I was in the second grade I never truly succeeded in math. I thought it was nothing more than a stressful and useless pastime and a punishment for the average student to endure. I was getting C's, D's and F's constantly with no hope that I would ever achieve, until I found Mary. I never thought that math could be so easy and fun! Before her I had 3 tutors but none of them had ever put so much effort into making me understand and they did not have that incredible kindness and compassion, with that true passion of learning. Not only that, but she opened my eyes to a new understanding way of math that was absolutely brilliant and creative (which is what I love) and is fascinating to be a part of. Thanks to her I went from a failing D to a solid B in less than a semester! I will never go back to the old ways of math! I could never thank her enough! I don't know what I would do without her!"

S. F., Student, Age 13, Torrance, California

Ever since first grade I was horrible at math! Then my sister joined a tutor named Mary. My sister got A+ after A so I decided to join too and after that I was wonderful at math. It is so easy and fun now that I have Mary as my tutor! I just got an A on my report card in math!

R.B., Age 8, Torrance, California

"My daughter Monica is a good student in every subject NOW! Before last year she was a good student in every subject but math. When she took her yearly exams, her scores were very high while math was failing. She had just given up on math altogether. She was placed in the slowest math group. In this math class, she became frustrated because the other students were disruptive and disrespectful. That was what led us to find Mary. Within a couple of weeks she had the highest scores in the class. In fact, she had the highest scores the rest of the year. At the end of the year she scored in the high 90's on her standardized tests and this year she has been moved to a more advanced math class! All because Mary is just wonderful and has guided Monica to a much better level. I recommend Mary highly to everyone."

E. A., Parent, Rolling Hills Estates, California

"Mary's program continues to benefit Jessica [age 9]. The past year's Star Testing results improved from a Basic score to Advanced [the highest rating]. Jessica also soared in the class and I expect she will continue to have a positive experience this fall. She enjoys math!"

S. B., Parent, Torrance, California

"When my son (6 years old then) started falling behind in first grade, I was devastated. I never imagined this would happen at such an early age! As a strong and competitive person, he figured that he couldn’t bring himself up to win or even come close to the other kids in the class and he totally shut himself down. I tried everything that I could think of, but just like we hear that a piano teacher has a hard time teaching her own kids, he had hard time learning from me. I just needed someone who could believe in him, encourage him and be able to keep his attention…

On the first day with Mary, I could not believe what happened! As calm and soft as she speaks, my son was totally paying attention and sat still for the entire 30 minutes; and I’m talking about a boy who cannot sit still for five minutes without wiggling, complaining or starting to play elsewhere!

We’ve been coming for almost four months now and he is still good with her— now for one whole hour. Imagine how much a 7 year old can learn in a concentrated hour. We just received his first report card and he did wonderfully in all academic areas— thanks to Mary. I recommend Mary to all parents who are desperate and are skeptical with tutoring.

M.R., Parent, Torrance, California

"When I came to Mary's tutoring my GPA was 1.08. Now I get A's and B's on most things I do in ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Math. On my last report card my GPA was about 3.0.

In ELA we write a weekly journal and I had a D. Mary has helped a lot since then. When I turned in my journal last week I felt more confident then I had in the past. When I got it back, I received a B+ on it.

Several things helped me achieve the grades I deserved. The most important of these was Mary explaining words I thought I understood but didn't understand fully. The book that made it all possible was
'Learning How to Learn' (for teens, teacher's manual)by L. Ron Hubbard."

K. A., Sudent, Age 15, Torrance, California

"Since third grade I had trouble in math. Now I am in the sixth grade and I was so far behind. My confidence level dropped a lot. I kept bringing home C's, D's, and F's. Even when I studied I still got bad grades. So finally I went to Mary for math. She helped a lot. Now I am bringing home A's and B's. My confidence level raised a lot. Before I felt I couldn't do nothing right on a Math test and NOW I CAN!"

V. H., Age 11, Torrance, California

"We would like to say Thank You to Mary for all of the help that she has given my children Brett and Bianka.

Brett's writing skills have improved 100% since he has been coming to see Mary. His grades are all improving. He received an A on his science test this week! Way to go!

Bianka is doing very well in school. Her math grade has gone up one and a half letters, B+! She has also raised all of her grades by at least one letter! Yea!

The homework is getting done without a struggle or a fight most of the time anyway. Again thank you Mary for opening the door to success for my children."

D. B., Parent, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"High School Algebra was a nightmare for our daughter. Although she had a tutor her grades stayed consistent; they were all F's. Algebra could have been Japanese, none of it made any sense until we found Mary Lewis. Niki's first session with Mary was on January 22nd. On March 18th Niki came home from school, made my husband and I shut our eyes and proceeded to hand us her latest Algebra test. She received a 90.3%, an 'A'. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the police with all the hollering that was going on...."

P. N., Manhattan Beach, California

"Wow! Where do I begin?

I have struggled with math for a very long time and it seemed as the years went on the worse it got. Believe me, I have tried almost every tutor, and every math book that is offered, but nothing was working. Then just recently, the heavens opened up and I discovered an angel named Mary.

She has helped me become more confident in math, and she has also helped me see that I can succeed! Guess what? I can!

I took a math test last week and I got an 'A'. I highly recommend Mary to anyone, not only does she help you learn, she makes learning fun! Mary you are the Best!"

N. N., Manhattan Beach, California

"Mary has been my tutor for a year now. At first I wasn't understanding fractions so I needed a math tutor. The first day with Mary was INCREDIBLE!! She showed me Learning How to Learn (for teens, teacher's manual) which helps study skills, to get an 'A' in math!

That's just the start. Then I was getting so good in math, that my 6th grade teacher gave me the opportunity to jump ahead a step in math. I might just skip a grade in math!! Let's see what happens when I take the test. Last week I received my STAR testing results and got: ADVANCED! Even better, I got 100% on the Algebra part!! THANKS MARY!"

A. A. B., Age 12, Redondo Beach, California

Before I was going to Mary I was really struggling in math. I used to cry about not being able to do it, and not understanding it. But now I really understand math and I’m starting to like math. I’m getting really good grades, and on this report card I got a B! I’m so happy, and it’s all because of Mary. She’s so helpful, and fun!

Thank you so much Mary!

M.B., Age 12, Torrance, California

"Wow! What can I say? Amazing! Mary has done an amazing job with Madison.

Madison started having difficulty with math concepts in second grade. We worked extra hard at home trying to keep her up with the rest of the class. We had many frustrating nights and I was ready to get some outside help.

Mary was highly recommended and Madison started working with her at the end of the school year. I was impressed by her program, she knew her stuff! Mary is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and always knows how to motivate and keep Madison interested. Madison leaves Mary's happy and with a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

I've seen great improvement in Madison's math skills since she's been consistently seeing Mary. Madison started third grade with a 'C' in math. She ended the year with an 'A' that she proudly showed off.

Mary has done an amazing job helping Madison. We are lucky to have found a devoted tutor!"

L. T., Teacher and Parent, Torrance, California

Before I came to Mary’s I was getting B’s and C’s on my report cards. This summer Mary helped me so much with games to learn math facts and I am so excited to say I got an “A” in pre-algebra!

Thanks soo much Mary!

☺ ☺ ☺

K. N., Age 12, Torrance, California

"I have just received a letter that is going through my head constantly! It's a letter from the school that told me I am able to go in a Robotics, after school class, from my teachers. It wouldn't be possible without Mary. In sixth grade I had been getting very low grades in my Math class. Then my teacher had told my mother about Mary and how she has been helping all of her failing students. After that I had been getting A's and B's in Math. Then in seventh grade, my grades had started dropping in English Language Arts. I fixed that too. I am almost done with the 'Learning How to Learn' (for teens, teacher's manual) book and I am getting more comfortable with reading out loud. My letter was given to me because I was doing outstanding in my Math and Science. I'm very excited."

"THANK YOU Mary!!!"

A.J.M., Age 13, Torrance, California

"My tutor, Mary, is very nice. She makes math fun. There was a kid named Thomas who thought that any math tutor is boring. I told him that she makes it fun. She gives you prizes! She's better than any other math tutor in my opinion. Anything I do with her is fun, and it helps me tremendously with math. I've gotten so far in this one summer. I go home at night thinking about all her help."

A few months later:

"I just got my report card and for the first time ever I got an 'A' in math!!!!!!!! Now because of it I am going to be tested for G.A.T.E. (the gifted program).

A. B., Age 9, Torrance, California

Math used to be my worst subject. Now it’s my best! Every since kindergarten I have had trouble in math. I would get C’s and D’s. Now I get A’s. (90.2% to be exact!)! Mary Lewis changed my life! I’m sure she can change anyone else’s life.


S.H., Age 11, Hawthorne, California

Mary stated to tutor my son, James, mid way through 6th grade. James was struggling with 6th grade math and his test scores were reflecting his struggle. He would score a B on one test and a D on the next. He was frustrated and discouraged and so was I. Homework time caused a lot of conflict and tension in our home. His math teacher recommended Mary to us.

First Mary made sure that James understood what he was reading in his math book— the math vocabulary associated with each chapter. Such a simple idea that makes all the difference in the world!

James test scores consistently improved throughout 6th grade. James continued his tutoring over the summer months to get him ready for 7th grade math. He is now in 7th grade and has scored all A’s on his math test so far. He even got a 102% on one test (thanks to extra credit)! And an A on his quarterly report card. All thanks to Mary and James’ hard work.

Homework time is no longer a struggle and James’ confidence in his ability to do well in math (and other subjects) has soared.

I highly recommend Mary to children of all ages. She is kind, positive, creative, fun and really knows how to tutor math.

C.L., Parent, Redondo Beach, California

"Before I came here, Math was so confusing and hard. When the teacher would talk, I wouldn't understand a word she said. Then my friend Kaiulani and teacher Mrs. Biesel told me about Mary Lewis. I gave it a try and then I got to higher grades. Then finally in my chapter 10 test I got a 104%. I couldn't believe it. I thought I was going to faint."

A. T., Age 13, Torrance, California


"I am writing this letter as an elementary school teacher and parent to express my approval of the adept tutoring exhibited by Mary Lewis. The level of her teaching efficiency is more than I expected from a tutor. Her depth, knowledge, and expertise in the area of mathematics, along with her eclectic teaching skills, ensure her students a high degree of success. This is gratifying to me since one of her students is my daughter!

Even though my daughter has only been going to Mary for a few months, she already feels confident and is eager to show her success in her regular classroom. She feels very comfortable with her relationship with Mary and many times, even has fun. Her warm relationship has been a definite factor in her confidence level and she never complains about going to Mary's Place.

I have no qualms about recommending Mary Lewis as a math tutor, and I hope that your child has the same positive experience that my daughter has had."

B. H., Teacher, Torrance, California

"Before I came here math was hard and confusing for me. My teacher said words that I wouldn't understand. Mrs. Lewis helped change all that! Who knew there were so many meanings for just one simple word! When I got my report card I got an A! ...Thank you Mrs. Lewis for making math FUN!"

S. B., Age 11, Rolling Hills, California

Dear Mary,

When we started bringing Samantha to tutor with you in September 2007, we had tried other programs… as well as private tutors. She continued to struggle from year to year until we found you. Samantha no longer considers math her weakest subject and her grades reflect her success. Her attitude towards math is more positive and her confidence has also improved. We thank you for your effective methods in teaching her, for your focus on vocabulary and for your patience as an educator.

S.H., Parent, Hawthorne, California

"Our 14 year old son was struggling with his math and we did all we could to help, but absolutely nothing seemed not to assist him with understanding or passing. Since Roy has been tutored by Mary, his grade went from a "D-" to a "B+". Roy is more confident and does not "freeze-up" while taking a test. The largest improvement we see is his confidence and comfort in all classes. We are so thankful we found Mary. She is the Greatest!"

J. E., Parent, Torrance, California

“I was struggling in math during the last half of 6th grade. I had a lot of really bad test scores when I was struggling. That’s when I went to Mary. Following the first week at Mary’s I got four or three straight A’s. That’s not all though. Mary prepared me for math starting 7th grade this year. Because of that I have not struggled in math yet. I have had an A on every single test this year and 100.2% on my first quarter math grade. That’s the best grade I have ever had. That also resulted in me getting on the honor roll at my school. I thank Mary so much for helping me achieve these things.

J.L., Age 12, Redondo Beach, California

"I'm a parent and a teacher in the public schools. I have two children, a thirteen year old daughter and a ten year old son. I'd like to share my math story with you.

My daughter was getting A's and B's in her Pre-Algebra class, but I noticed that she was basically just studying for the tests and not fully understanding some of the concepts. It concerned me because she is in an accelerated math class and the teachers move quickly and don't always have time to teach everything thoroughly. I also noticed that my son had basic math concepts and vocabulary that he wasn't sure about. One day I was talking to a colleague at school and he mentioned that his daughter was being tutored in math by a woman named Mary Lewis, and he was really pleased with her and the progress that his daughter was making in math. Needless to say, we quickly signed up with Mary.

I have been so pleased with what she is doing with both of my children. She makes sure the students understand the vocabulary and concepts thoroughly so their learning is transferred from her tutoring to the classroom and home. They aren't always just sitting at a desk and doing math problems. She has them get up and play games and do kinesthetic activities to reinforce the learning. My son enjoys the games that Mary uses to reinforce the skills and concepts that she is teaching. He thinks he's just 'playing and having fun', when he's actually 'learning' and having fun.

I am also really impressed by Mary's patience and her ability to accommodate my children's needs and personalities. She has a feel for this and when she sees that they are getting tired or frustrated, she knows just how to bring them out of it. At the end of the session they are smiling. Mary always treats them with respect and never allows them to believe that they can't do it.

I recommend Mary Lewis to any parent who has concerns about their child's success in math."

K. J., Teacher and Parent

"This tutor has helped me tremendously. My grade went from an F to a B+ in a very short amount of time. Also my studying skills have improved. Math was terrible until I came here, and I am glad I did, because my outlook on math now is that it is not so bad once you get a good start."

R. F., Age 14, Torrance, California

"Our math nightmare began in 4th grade! Math homework took hours and Lauren would get physically ill... She failed Algebra and even with four A's on her final report card, she felt like a failure! Then we meet Mary Lewis. One summer of intense work changed everything from Lauren's opinion of her own abilities to her overall confidence and the huge weight lifted from both of us. One day we were driving home from Mary's and Lauren leaned on my shoulder and whispered, Mom, guess what? I asked, What? and she replied with the four words I never thought I would hear: I Can Do Math! Her math homework this year takes less than an hour and she truly understands."

A few months later:

"In 7 short months, 7 long years of math torture was over for my daughter! We replaced C's, D's and F's with straight A's; we replaced anger and frustration with relief and true learning; we replaced futility with confidence; we replaced math 'torture' with a wonderful math tutor we found Mary Lewis. She is a true teacher energetic, competent and practical. She has a contagious love of math that even my daughter caught!"

J. P., Parent, San Pedro, California

"I am one of those 4th grade students who did not understand math until I came to Mary. I could not put the numbers down on paper after the teacher explained it. I got D's and F's on my math tests and I was giving up hope! Then on one of the hardest chapter math tests I have ever taken I got an A!!! I was sooooooo happy I couldn't help but to jump up and down! I could not believe what I saw with my little eyes! After only a month my teacher could see that Mary was truly helping me!"

J. M., Age 10, Redondo Beach, California

"I am so thankful and grateful that Mary is in our lives today. My daughter had been struggling with math for some time and a friend of mine mentioned she knew a wonderful tutor who not only taught the mechanics of math but also the vocabulary. I am sure this helps my daughter tremendously. I had never considered the importance of “merely” knowing the meaning of even the simplest of words such as “add” and “equal”; however, now I am more convinced this helps significantly and it makes total sense."

"My daughter, Megan, is now getting B’s in math when before, she got C’s, and D’s. She still would rather be playing than doing math but she’s definitely not crying anymore and her confidence, not only in math but in other subjects has improved dramatically and we owe it to Mary and her wonderful style of tutoring!"

Thank you,

F.S., Parent, Torrance, California

"I started out in Pre-Algebra OK. Then I started to get D's and F's. I wasn't hardly keeping a B and I wasn't understanding the math I was learning. Then my teacher recommended Mary to my mom. From then on I slowly understood math more. Eventually I started coming home with A's and B's [tests]. My mom was so proud. Just by learning what words mean and definitions it was helping me tremendously. It started getting to the point where I couldn't wait for another test. By 2 quarters I had gotten an A in math and it was the happiest day of my life."

D. R., Age 13, Torrance, California

"Before I came to Mary I got 44 and 65 percents. When I first came here I thought 'Why do I have to get a tutor?' but slowly I learned the techniques, and I went from 65% to 77% to 100%. Now I like Math and Mary showed me clever games to help me. Mary is cool! Thanks Mary."

S. A., Age 12, Torrance, California

"When I started math tutoring with Mary I started to get A's instead of C's. Now I have fun in math instead of not understanding. Now I have an A+ in math."

L. B., Age 9, Manhattan Beach, California

"The first thing Mary and I did was a book titled 'Learning how to Learn'(for teens, teacher's manual). For my purposes at the time I used it only for Math, but when the school year started again I was able to use my new found knowledge in Honors English, World History, Biology, and Spanish 2. It has helped me out a lot."

L. P., Age 16, San Pedro, California

"Mary has made math a lot easier for me!

I was way behind in math, and I needed to catch up before school started when I would have to take Algebra. So, what Mary did was go back and cover the things that I did in fifth and sixth grade. When she told me about what we were going to learn, I didn't think it made any sense. I told her that I needed to review Pre-Algebra and catch up quickly. Then, she explained to me that I was missing some steps, and that those missing steps were creating a barrier in my learning. She showed me that even fractions, decimals, and percents were in Pre-Algebra, and Algebra, and any other math class that I would take.

Mary and I covered those sections, and I then felt that I learned a lot of things that I didn't even know before. So after all the studying in the summer, I was really confident in going into Algebra because I worked really hard in the summer and covered many things, and believed that now I was just as good as anyone else.

So ever since then I have been acing my tests, and am going to get an 'A' in Algebra."

S. H., Age 13, Torrance, California

"In 7th Grade I got a C in Math. I wasn't very excited about going to 8th grade Algebra, so I went to tutoring. Mary helped me review homework, study for tests and go over things I didn't understand. It was also really fun and easy. Now I am doing really well in Math and I don't have to worry about my test grades quite as much. Math is way easier for me thanks to Mary!"

A few months later:

"For the whole year in 8th grade I've been doing alright and steadily improving the more times I've gone to Mary's for tutoring. This past 3 weeks though, I've gotten a 33 out of 30 and a 31 out of 30! I have an A in my math class and I'm so happy!!"

T. B., 8th Grade, Manhattan Beach, California

I am licensed to use Applied Scholastics™ educational services. Applied Scholastics is a trademark and service mark owned by Association for Better Living and Education International and used with its permission." -- Mary Lewis

To get in contact with Mary Lewis, please send us an email and we'll forward it to her. You can also call Mary at 310 534-2130.

Effective Tutoring
Mary Lewis
3635 Newton St., Suite G
Torrance, California 90505 (Bordering Lomita, Rolling Hills Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes and Harbor City)
310 534-2130

I can tutor students from anywhere but the following areas are nearby: Avalon Village, Carson, Dolanco Junction, Harbor City, Harbor Hills, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood Riviera, Ironsides, Keystone, Lomita, Manhattan Beach, Lomita, Miraleste, Palos Verdes Estates, Portuguese Bend, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, San Pedro Hill, Thenard, Torrance, Walteria, Watson Junction, Wilimington, West Carson.

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