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Newsletter 18 with Good News and Tech Tips -

You are receiving this newsletter if you have previously ordered products from eLearnAid or have asked to be on our mailing list. We have put information in this newsletter that you might find useful. Please look at the table of contents. However, instructions to unsubscribe from this newsletter are at the bottom of this email.

In this newsletter:

  1. Good news regarding the release of Oxford English Dictionary on CD upgrade to version 3.1 - hopefully!
  2. The 20 Volume Oxford English Dictionary bound in leather
  3. Improving one’s zest for life and memory!
  4. The reprint of the 1989 Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Readers
  5. Collins COBUILD Student Dictionary is now available with a CD!
  6. Computer Technical Tips: The Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary on CD does pronounce the main entry words from the hard drive.
  7. Computer Technical Tips: Backing up your data
  8. Some heartwarming successes from a School and Tutoring Center in Miami
  9. Windows® - Are you tired of the problems?

Good news regarding the release of Oxford English Dictionary on CD upgrade to version 3.1 - hopefully!

A new master has been created which is being sent to a company in New York for final testing. The upgrade to version 3.1 of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is now expected to be available by 1 June. As of 9 May, 05 the 1 June date is based on the latest production master passing quality control test. If the latest preproduction master does not pass quality control test, the 1 June date will not be met. Hopefully, the problems are fixed and we will be shipping the upgrade just as soon as it becomes available because Oxford has agreed to ship us our order directly from their production plant. This means we will get it in our warehouse about the same time as Oxford gets this in their warehouse

The full license version (not the upgrade) of the OED version 3.1 was released in December and we have sold large numbers of these with no problems. We installed this ourselves on a machine with two hard drives and two CD drives and installed from the second CD drive F: (on most machines it would be D:) and installed this on the second hard drive D: (on most machines it would be C:). Despite the unusual hardware installation, the installation went fine though there were a few unexepcted pauses. We are currently selling the full license version of 3.1 on CD for $215.00. For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/oedoxendisee1.html.

Because the 3.1 upgrade version of the OED has not been released yet we are still offering the upgrade to version 3.1 at the prerelease price of only $40.00. (For those who purchased the upgrade at the $35.00 price we will still honor that price.) The list price on the upgrade is $79.95.

The upgrade will include almost 2,000 newer entries that have been added to the OED since 1997 and have been available only to on-line OED subscribers until now. Once this product is released we will probably have to charge more as we are getting special prerelease pricing from Oxford. To purchase this as a prerelease item please do not include other items with your order and we will not actually charge your card till we actually ship the Version 3.1 upgrade. You can of course make additional orders for other items that are available now.

To purchase the upgrade, go to http://www.elearnaid.com/oxendiupfrve.html.

If you are upgrading from version 3.0 you will get the following improvements:

More complex searches can be done with logical operators, case sensitive searching, exact character searching and with an extended range of wild card options and much more.

Automatic look-up feature enables fast access to the OED headwords from any Microsoft Office 97, 2000 or XP.

If you are upgrading from 2.0 you will get all the improvements that were in 3.0 plus 3.1 all for $40.00.

All of the details are at http://www.elearnaid.com/oxendiupfrve.html.

The 20 Volume Oxford English Dictionary bound in leather

We now offer the 20 leather bound Volume Oxford English Dictionary. For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/oxendisplebo.html

Improving one’s zest for life and memory!

We now carry a wonderful little paperback book, Self Analysis, that has you recall pleasurable memories with 1,878 different questions. In the process of doing this you outlook, memory and reaction time should improve. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

The book also has information about: getting to know yourself, survival and abundance, the death of conciousnes, efforts for immortality, raising our level of conciousness, raising our level of life and behavior, and how emotions relate to such things as: ethics, handling of truth and courage.

The book is only $6.29. For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/selfanalysis.html

New Product: A reprint of the 1989 Webster’s New World Dictionary for Young Readers

We have had more difficulty than anticipated in getting the 1989 Webster’s New World Dictionary for Young Readers scanned but we finally got this resolved. We now expect to start shipping this dictionary in August.

We now expect to start shipping this dictionary in March or April.

Some of our customers told us that this is a better dictionary than the Webster’s New World Student Dictionary, which replaced the Young Readers and asked us to reprint it . . . so we are.

If you want to get this dictionary as soon as it becomes available, we are taking advanced order. It is currently priced at only $35.00 and $24.50 each if you order ten or more. For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/wenewwodifor.html.

Collins COBUILD Student Dictionary - a very good beginners dictionary is now available with a CD!

The 3rd edition just came out the paper edition and it comes with a CD. Here are the details of the CD:

  • Contains COBUILD Student Dictionary 3rd edition with the grammar in the printed book - This is an excellent beginners dictionary which has full sentence definitions that explain how to use a word.
  • Pronounces all the words in British English and some words also have an American English pronunciation as well.
  • Main Entries for both British and American English spellings.
  • Fully install to disk as an option
  • Window expands to full screen so you can easily pick the correct definition.
  • Pop-Up Window option (small screen) that lets you click on a word in some applications and you can see the definition in the pop-up window. This works with:
    • Microsoft Outlook® 97 and above
    • Outlook express® 4 and above
    • Microsoft Word® 2000 and above
    • Internet Explorer® 4 and above
    • Notepad®
    • WordPad®
    • Acrobat Reader® 4 and above
  • Instantly Searches Main Entries, Definitions and Examples and displays all the results in the left window so you can select what you want or show the main entries in the left menu so you can select the entry you want.

We sell the CD by itself for only $5.00 or $4.00 if you buy 10 or more. For more information including sample screen go to http://www.elearnaid.com/basiccobuildcd.html

The Cobuilds are known for easy to understand full sentence definitions and real full sentence examples. This is a very good dictionary for a young person learning English or as the first dictionary for learner of English as a second language. Its simple full sentence definitions are the reason.

Here is an example: lavish lavishes, lavishing, lavished.

1. ADJ If you describe something as lavish, you mean that a lot of time, effort, or money has been spent on it to make it as impressive as possible. ...a lavish party. lavishly ADV IBM spent lavishly on their workers' education.
2. ADJ If you say that something is lavish, you mean it is extravagant and wasteful. ...stealing antique jewellery and paintings to finance a lavish lifestyle.
3 VERB If you lavish something such as money, affection, or time on someone or something, you spend a lot of money on them or give them a lot of affection or attention. Prince Sadruddin lavished praise on Britain's contribution to world diplomacy... The emperor promoted the general and lavished him with gifts.

We currently sell this paperback dictionary for $16.90 and $16.833 if you buy 12 or more. For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/colcobnewstu.html

We currently sell this paperback dictionary with the CD for $24.00 and $20.00 if you buy 12 or more. For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/coconewstdis.html

Computer Technical Tips: The Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary on CD does pronounce the main entry words from the hard drive.

Several customers have told me the dictionary does not pronounce the words. If you have this going, on you probably did not install the multimedia files when you installed the dictionary. If this is the situation, the dictionary will pronounce the words if the Random House CD is in your CD drive. The solution is to install the dictionary again but this time pick custom installation in stead of Typical. Then click on installing multimedia support. It is listed as taking 496,928 kilobytes (1024 characters) about .5 gigabytes (billion characters). Considering most hard drives have at least 40 gigabytes of total space, you probably have .5 gigabytes you can spare. Besides the pronunciation of the main entry words you also get maps and quite a few drawings.

If you do not have it already this is a large talking unabridged dictionary that is very extensive and has accurate and fairly understandable definitions and we sell if for only $9.00 on CD. For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/ranhouswebun2.html

Computer Technical Tips: Backing up your data

   The insides of a hard disk drive

In the last issue we covered how to keep your computer running. This is available at http://www.elearnaid.com/cotetikeyoco.html. However, no matter what you do you can not be absolutely assured that your hard disk drive will not fail. In case it does, you need to backup your data. If the electronics of a hard drive fail you might still be able to recover your data; but the more likely failure, is mechanical. In this situation, recovering your data from the hard drive can be difficult and expensive. Disk drives consist of a spindle with layers of platters. The magnetic heads are designed to ride against the platter in a lubricated landing zone on the platter. Once the revolutions of platters get up to the normal speed the air near the surface of the platter causes the head to fly above the platter. At this point, the drive goes into a ready state and the arms swing positioning the heads over the data. The close proximity of the magnetic head to the platter allows high density recording but the possibility of a head crash always exists. If a head crash occurs the heads grind the surface of the platters and only some of your data can be recovered if any at all.

If the potential mechanical failures are not enough there are the viruses and other malicious activity that could cause you to loose your data. Of course, data can be erased due to just plain error. So copies of your data is a vital.

Tapes used to be the method of choice for backing up large amounts of computer data, however, most users can now use DVDs. The advantage of a disc is that you can retrieve your data very fast compared to finding the correct spot on a tape. Double layer DVD backup drives sell for around eighty dollars and can backup up about 8.5 billion bytes (one byte stores one character of text) . However, Double Layer medium is currently expensive and sells for about five dollars a disk for quantity one. Till the price of the media comes down you can back up with single layer CD. You can use 16x speed (22.1 million bytes per second) using single layer DVD and this media is about 60 cents a piece. If you do not need the speed 4x, single layer DVD are about 33 cents each or less. For most users 4x is fast enough and single layer holds enough for daily backups. For 33 cents in media cost you can save your data and keep the copies for a long time in case something turns up missing that has disappeared a while earlier unnoticed from your hard drive. If your backups due not fill up the DVD you can put several days worth of backups on one DVD. You can see that a disk has been used and how much of it has been used just by looking at the reflective side of the DVD. The writing is done from the center out and the part that has been written to is darker. You can and should write what was backed up and when on the top side of the disk but you should use a felt tip pen as the data is stored just below the top layer you are writing on.

For backing up very large quantities of data backing up to multiple DVDs with the DVDs mounted on a carousel might be available in the future but for now tapes are still used.

There are a number of choices of software for backing up to DVD. Most of the software compresses the data and creates an image of the data on your hard drive and then writes it to the disk. I found software that is easy to use and fast because it compresses the data and then writes it directly to the DVD. The software is called CyberLink Power Backup. I have used it to backup and restore individual files and it works just fine. The program allows you to create scheduled backup jobs. There is a free thirty day trail available at http://www.gocyberlink.com/multi/download/download.jsp

Some heartwarming successes from a School and Tutoring Center in Miami:

"Here is a success from another tutor in training who just completed the Study Skills for Life Course:

"What I learned from this course: To start, I 100% understand why I dropped (quit reading) so many books and left so many courses undone. I now know how to spot myself and other people around me, when they run into one of the study barriers. Also, now any subject that I start, I know how to finish and apply it to my life, not to mention to my children and people around me. Now studying is easy and tests are not scary." L.V.

And last week we wrapped up academic tests on 56 kids, and so many are sooooo happy! A 13-year-old boy who has been drug-free for a year after 9 years on Ritalin, went up 1 grade level in reading, 3 grade levels in spelling, 2 grade levels in language and 2 grade levels in math. One student went up 5 grade levels in language since when he started in January. Another child who has been at HELP Miami four weeks improved a whole grade level in reading and 2 grade levels in math. His mom is so happy that she is now training as a tutor.

And here is a big hug to Pilar! She has four kids and is mid tutor training. One of her kids ran into difficulty at school and she decided to home school him and two of her younger kids. She comes to HELP for training, then goes home to use her skills. She just emailed me that she has nine students she is home-schooling and she would like to discuss their progress!!! Well done Pilar for being brave! And of course, I will help you anyway I can.

Barbie Rivera, Executive Director HELP Miami

These stories came from HELP Miami and occurred over a one week period and similar stories occur every week. The school does charge for their full time study programs and trains tutors for free and gives free tutoring.

HELP Miami is a non-profit, charitable organization. They could use donations for new furniture, better classroom storage, a vacuum and more. If you could help them write grants or would like to send them a check please do so:

For more information on HELP Miami go to http://www.elearnaid.com/rivera.html.

HELP Miami
13828 SW 56th Street
Miami, FL 33175
Tel: 305-752-4003

Windows® - Are you tired of the problems? by Raymond E. Korns

Many moons ago, computers and computing were thought of as a vital, expensive activity upon which the viability of society depended. Today, cheaper computers and computing has been sold to the public as "entertainment". This is fine, unless you mind being "entertained" by viruses, spam, popups, trojans, spyware and out-and-out system failures when you are trying to get some work accomplished.

For most medium to large organizations the frustrations of the computer workstation "desktop" are but an annoyance and a fixed overhead. This is because they have a computer staff and resources to fix these system intrusions and failures before they become catastrophic. But what of the small shop or individual business person who uses computers for their most basic tasks? How do they cope with the ever increasing "entertainment" of watching their work, files, communications and databases being lost or worse, available to anyone on the Internet smart enough to tap-in to their machines? Do they have to pay and pay again to hire someone to fix the same problems over and over? Is there no relief or choice for them?

In fact, there is now a choice.

For about the last twelve years a large group of computer engineers (united by the Internet and alarmed by the shoddy and badly executed computer systems offered to the public) have teamed together on their own time to create both a system and many sets of computer applications of a quality that is staggering, both in applicability and scope. More than this, these programs are available for NO or little cost, most, simply by download from the Internet. This loose group of engineers is called the "Open Source" movement (for reasons beyond the scope of this article) and the system is called "Linux".

Much may be said about Linux, but here I would like to interject just a personal note: I have been using Linux on my personal computer desktop for the past seven years. This is easy for me as a computer professional because I have had the skill to maintain the system. For years I have wanted to export the benefits of this fantastic system to my many non-technical friends. The main barrier to doing so has recently been overcome and I'm happy to share this information.

You may be asking yourself, what benefits?

Okay, how about no viruses? No spyware, no system crashes, robust system security, complete compatability with the computer servers that actually comprise the backbone of the Internet. How about no need for expensive virus-blocking software that must be constantly updated and slows your computer. How about a system that can keep itself up-to-date and run unattended without rebooting for YEARS! How about a compatible application Office Suite that duplicates and rivals the well-known commercial product and which comes already installed with the system? Lastly, how about the fact that the desktop looks like and is similar to the commercial operating system software you're probably already using.

Alright, you're interested. Now what about the technical barrier I mentioned? The difficulty was with the installation and maintenance of software applications. It was simply too complicated with too many choices and sources for the average non-technical person to obtain and load the software that is available. A fellow named Michael Robertson founded 'Linspire' a San Diego based company a couple years ago to handle this problem and bring Linux to the average person's desktop. Using a shoestring staff and despite being attacked unmercifully (by a certain commercial interest) he has solved the final barrier. His system uses a central "warehouse" or software repository that contains a huge catalog of available software. A novice can simply select the software he wishes to install with a mouse click and it will be downloaded and installed onto his computer...just like that. Don't want it? Another single click and it's un-installed.

How do I get this on my computer?

Well, go to: http://www.linspire.com and click on the 'Get Linspire' tab. This will give you a lot of information. If you'd like to talk with me, email me at: I am a Linspire consultant and a 30-year computer professional and would be happy to answer your questions.

Next issue: Running Windows® applications under Linux.

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