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Newsletter # 23 with Good News on the enviroment!

e Learn Aid.com Newsletter #23

You are receiving this newsletter if you have previously ordered products from eLearnAid® or have asked to be on our mailing list. We have put information in this newsletter that you might find useful. Please look at the table of contents. However, instructions to unsubscribe from this newsletter are at the bottom of this email.

In this newsletter:

  1. Positive News on the environment.
  2. A better 12 volt replacement battery for the Prius 2004 to 2008 vehicles.
  3. A 6 and 12 volt battery charger and maintainer for regular and sealed batteries.
  4. The Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary, the Collins COBUILD Learner's Dictionary Concise Edition and Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary 5th Edition are now available in quantity in in hardback!
  5. New quantity discounts on our special edition of the 1979 Webster's New World™ Dictionary for Young Readers!

Positive News on the Environment.

Rumor has it that the 2009 Prius will get around 90 miles to a gallon. There have been conflicting reports that the car will include Lithium Ion batteries. There might even be a plug in option. This next generation Prius may show up around the fall of 2008 but there have been no official announcements yet.

It will be interesting to see what develops from Toyota.

In January, 2007 at the Detroit Auto Show, General Motors showed a concept electric car that will go 40 miles on a battery charge and has and an engine with an electric generator for longer trips. For the average commuter who goes no further than 20 miles each way to work this will mean they can commute to work without using a drop of gasoline. For commuters who commute farther, they would have to plug the car in while at work or burn fuel on the way home.

GM has announced several times since then that they are hard at work to bring this car into production and make it available in 2010. In fact in the September, 2007 UAW contract talks they assigned the production to a Detroit assembly plant. However, for it to go into production the batteries will have to be reliable, and available in quantity at a reasonable cost. This is expected to happen and be available in late 2010 as a 2011 model car.

Telsa motors should also be coming out with a 98 thousand dollar roadster in 2008 with a range of 220 miles per charge. According to their web site they have reservations for their entire 2008 production. There are a few other small car companies which might have an electric car available by 2008.

Since electricity is largely produced from Coal and other fossil fuels the net environmental gain would be marginal if it meant just burning more Coal or Natural Gas instead of gasoline. However there have also been major developments in the production of inexpensive solar cells.

In December 2007, NanoSolar of San Jose, California started to mass produce inexpensive thin film solar cells that are printed. They expect to be able to profitable make solar cells for 99 cents a watt. This is a very significant price reduction! In a year. a watt of solar cells in a sunny area (approximately 10 hours a day) could produce power for 3,650 (365 x 10) hours or 3.65 kilowatt hours. Figuring 14 cents a kilowatt (expensive California pricing) that would mean the solar cells would pay for themselves in just two years! With an expected life of at least 25 years that would mean virtually free power for the additional 15 to 20 years after you factor in additional installation costs!

Sadly, all of NanoSolar's expected 2008 production is already sold and appears to be going to large panel utility installations. They expect to be producing 430 megawatts a year of solar cells once they achieve full production at their San Jose plant. (About half the output of one large nuclear powered steam generator.) The peak summer demand for electricity in the US in 2006 was 789,475 megawatts (The source is Enso, http://www.eia.doe.gov/cneaf/electricity/epa/epa_sum.html.) With one solar cell production plant it would only take them 1,836 years to create that much capacity. Demand is world wide and this is just the US! The planet is going to need a LOT more plants producing solar cells and lots of crews installing them. Perhaps some of the idle factories in the US can become Solar Cell factories instead of shopping malls.

Installation may not need to be such a big problem as these thin flexible solar cells can be made into roofing shingles. With the addition of an electrician the average roofing company could become a solar cell installer. Obviously this could put a lot of people to work!

If the bulk of our electric production becomes solar cells we will have problems with energy storage for nights and cloudy days but that is a problem that could be solved with improved batteries, hydroelectric pumping and generating or some other new technology!

A future where the average building and car is covered with solar cells may not be that far away!

Imagine; "Honey, it is supposed to be cloudy tomorrow would you please plug in my car!"

Coskata is developing a technology which they say will enable them to produce ethanol (grain alcohol) from garbage for about one dollar a gallon. Burning ethanol (grain alcohol) reduces carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide and it is a renewable resource. Currently ethanol is burnt as fuel in E85 which is 85 percent ethanol but most of the ethanol comes from corn. The production of corn is very energy intensive so much so that some claim there is a net loss. Ethanol from garbage produces 7.7 times the energy consumed. (see http://www.coskata.com/ProcessAdvantages.asp) This is potential a very significant improvement and every major city could have it's own ethanol production and thereby reduce land fill requirements.

When garbage rots, gas is produced. The technology to enhance the gas production and collect the gas has existed for a long time. Coskata has developed a process to turn the gas into ethanol using bacteria found in swamps. So far at least the bacteria used is not bioengineered and the bacteria can not survive in the presence of oxygen. The process occurs in water and Coskata has also developed a process to extract the ethanol produced from the water and recycle the water for more ethanol production. So far this has only occurred in the laboratory but the company expects to have a pilot plant in production in 2008 and a large scale plant by 2010 or 2011.

According to a 13 Jan 2008 Press release there are 2.5 million GM cars that can use E85 in the US and 3.5 million globally. Ford has also sold 1.6 million E85 capable vehicles since 1996. There is some existing E85 infrastructure in the Midwestern US.

To a Green Future!

Bernard Littman, Owner of e Learn Aid®

A better 12 volt replacement battery for the Prius 2004 to 2008 vehicles.

e Learn Aid® has developed a kit that enables a longer lasting 12 volt Optima battery to be used in the Prius 2004 and up. The Optima batteries have tightly wrapped spiral cells and other improvements that are responsible for the longer life. The acid is absorbed in a glass mat so it can not leak and it is designed for the deep discharges that can occur due to the drain from the security system, the remote entry system, clocks, and memory chips if a Prius is left parked for an extended period.

Our kit includes a vent hose connector for the battery so in the unlikely event the battery does gas, the gas will not go in the car. Also included are new connectors for american style battery posts and detailed instructions. The kit sells for $15.00 and the battery for $160.00. The total cost is about what you would spend for the Toyota battery but this is a better battery!

We also sell kits and batteries for the 2000 to 2003 Prius.

For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/priusparts.html

A 6 and 12 volt battery charger and maintainer for regular and sealed batteries.

This is the charger / maintainer we use here to make sure the batteries we send out are charged. It works great! If you connect it wrong it detects it and lights a little red light. If you accidentally short the terminals they do not spark and the output is shut down.

It charges the batteries and then maintains them. You can tell at a glance from the green light when the battery is fully charged!

If you do not use your car or motorcycle often enough you can connect this charger up with the eyelet connectors and then just plug it in when you park your car or motorcycle for an extended period.

For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/ac12voor6vob.html

The Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary, the Collins COBUILD Learner's Dictionary Concise Edition and Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary 5th Edition are now available in quantity in in hardback!

Two special print runs were done for us and as a result we have the Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary and the Collins COBUILD Learner's Dictionary Concise Edition available in quantity in either hardback or soft back. We have priced the hardback only a few dollars more than the soft back. As a result the hardback is a much better long term investment for your school. These books can be purchased on-line and we take purchase orders just fax purchase orders to 818 364 2877. Since the hardbacks were printed as part of special print runs we are the only company who has these editions in hardback!

Although availability is not based on a special print run we also have the Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary 5th Edition available in hardback in quantity!

For more information on our COBUILD products go to http://www.elearnaid.com/collinscobuild.html

New quantity discounts on our special edition of the 1979 Webster's New World™ Dictionary for Young Readers!

This edition has been well received because it stands up to lots of continuous course room use! The printing is actually better quality than the original with higher picture contrast and better quality paper. This dictionary had been out of print for many years and many of our customers consider the replacement Student Dictionary to be not as good so we brought this dictionary back in print.

We are now offering the Young Readers Dictionary for $15 if you buy 24 or more and for only $10 if you buy 48 or more that were slight damaged by the printer. The slight damages are either a few pages with small tears but not into any text (They can be easily repaired with tape.) or a imperfection in the cover.

Schools and consulting groups can make money by buying the undamaged dictionaries for resale and the damaged ones are great for course room use where they will receive damage in a few weeks anyway.

For more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/wenewwodifor.html

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