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Newton's Telecom Dictionary, 28th Edition By Harry Newton - Covering Telecommunications, Networking, Information Technology, The Internet, Fiber Optics, RFID, Wireless, and VoIP (Paperback)

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NEWTON28  List price: US$39.95  Sale price: US$20.00  

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ISBN-13: 978-097938737-1

Book Size: 6” x 9” Pages: 1373 More than 26,978 terms defined (up 827 more terms,from the prior 26th edition.) Published December, 2014. Definitions up-to-date as of November, 2014

This is a very extensive dictionary that is a must have for anyone in telecom. Further, it is written by someone who is trying to communicate the information you need to really understand the word or acronym.

It also has some entertaining telecommunications history. For example see the entries under "capacity swaps" and "Captain Crunch" which are on our sample page from an earlier edition.

This dictionary is an enjoyable read and a good reference that demystifies the topics covered.

"I needed this book for my new promotion, they did not have it in at the time I contacted them, it was just released, BUT they stayed in touch with me everyday until they got it in and shipped it out to me that same day. I was very impressed and will purchase the next edition of this necessary Telecom Dictionary from them as soon as I know it is available. Very caring merchant. Excellent price and no shipping costs with the purchase of 2 of these invaluable books. [Current policy: You have to order over $100 for free shipping.] Thanks eLearn Aid."

From the publisher:

"An essential resource." --PC Magazine

"A must-read." --Interactive Week

"A page-turner that invites use." --IEEE

"A fixture on the desks of many who deal with the technical world." --New York Times

"The one reference book we can't do without... comprehensive and reliable." --Telemanagement

This is the world's bestselling and most comprehensive reference book on telecom, data communications, networking, computing and the Internet, with over 805,000 copies sold. Featuring 27,805 terms and hundreds updated and expanded, the 28th edition of Newton's Telecom Dictionary weighs in at over four times larger than any other telecom and IT dictionary, and includes wired, wireless, satellite, fiber and Internet terms.

It explains technical concepts in non-technical language anyone can understand. It's used by more leading technology companies for training and employee orientation than any other text. According to Discount Long Distance Digest, it "truly belongs on the bookshelf of everyone in the telecom industry. It's worth every penny, and is pound-for-pound the best telecom book we have seen."


  • THE BEST MONEY-SAVING TIPS - Harry Newton's favorite ways to save on telecom, computing, airlines, hotels, and buying and using great gadgetry and software.
  • THE HOTTEST TELECOM OPPORTUNITIES. “I love telecom. Where should I work?”
  • PRIORITIES FOR MY TELECOM BUDGET. What are the best boss and customer pleasing projects.

Most dictionaries are updated every ten to twenty years. Not this one. Newton updates this dictionary every day and issues a new, expanded, improved and updated edition every second year. This edition is current as of November 2014.

Harry Newton has spent 40 years studying, writing, lecturing, and investing in telecom, networking, technology and the Internet. He founded key telecom magazines LAN (now Network), Teleconnect, Call Center, Computer Telephony, and Technology Investor magazines. He also founded the trade shows, Computer Telephony Conference and Exhibition (CT Expo) and Call Center Demo. He sold his telecom publishing group in September 1997 to concentrate on writing.

Newton has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an economics degree from the University of Sydney, Australia, where he was born. He is not an engineer, but wishes he were. He wrote this dictionary to teach himself his first loves -- telecom and technology. In this dictionary, Newton explains complex technology in non-technical business language. He believes it's critical to understand what the technology does, what its benefits are, and the key tips to using and installing it. That's what this dictionary does.

Prior editions: ISBN-13: 978-097938736-4 (27th edition) isbn-13: 9780979387340 (26th edition) ISBN-10: 0979387310 ISBN-13: 9780979387319 ISBN-13: 9780979387333

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Newton's Telecom Dictionary, 28th Edition By Harry Newton - Covering Telecommunications, Networking, Information Technology, The Internet, Fiber Optics, RFID, Wireless, and VoIP (Paperback) NEWTON28  List price: US$39.95  Sale price: US$20.00  
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