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Newsletter #2 - 3/31/2001

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Yes, I have found that learning CAN be fun. Now I don’t mean being required to sit still in school or at a seminar all day long with a boring instructor and nothing to do but listen to the droning of voices and the bored flipping of pages and shifting weight of others. I’m not talking about trying to read a boring technical manual just because you’re new on the job!

I’m talking about learning. Actual learning!

Did you ever get really excited about something and you wanted to know more about it? It could have been “Does a fly really have six legs?” or “Why do I put gasoline in my car?” or “Why is math important at all?”

These questions can easily be answered if you’re just interested in finding out. That’s the first step. Being interested. Without INTEREST you will learn nothing! And I mean NOTHING!

Ever try to stuff some bit of knowledge in yourself because “someone told you to learn it”? Or because you thought you should? Those are not attitudes of “interest”.

What is “Interest”? One definition in my dictionary is “a feeling of curiosity about something”.

That is a most vital element to learning.

Now stop for a moment and find this out for yourself with this small exercise.
1) Make a small list of what you are interested in.
2) Put a check next to each item you want to find out more about?
You checked everything on your list, right?

Well, that’s the first step towards learning. Wanting to know something more about something.

After that, the next step is to find the right source to get the knowledge from. It could be a book, a person, a website, or something else. But that’s another story.

Happy learning!


Many customers are happy with the service and products they receive from eLearnAid.com. Here is one:

"These folks really go the extra mile! I thought I was too late for delivery by Christmas. They made a personal call to let me know I was still in time. I upgraded my shipping option and the item arrived on Dec. 24. I've never experienced this kind of personal attention from an online retailer! Highly recommended!" G.S.

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We are currently offering one free CD dictionary with the purchase of any other product on our website. There are three dictionaries to choose from and they are each worth $14.99!

To read more about these wonderful free dictionaries.

Hurry. There is a limited number of these free dictionaries.



1) to get some knowledge or skill by studying or by being taught [I have learned to knit.]
2) to find out about something; come to know [I just learned about his accident.]
3) to fix in the mind; memorize [Learn this poem by tomorrow.]

This word comes from the Webster’s New World Children’s Dictionary on CD-ROM.


One of eLearnAid.com’s most popular products is the Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary on CD-ROM. This product installs to disk and does not require the CD to be in the CD drive while running this product.

Here’s what two of our customers have to say about this product:

"I recently purchased the Random House unabridged dictionary on CD-ROM. I have found this very useful. I use it frequently when writing papers for school. I changed one of my shortcut buttons on my keyboard to the dictionary so it opens at the touch of a button whenever I need it. It is much easier and faster than using an old-fashioned dictionary." K.I.

"I bought the Random House Unabridged Dictionary [CD]. I have used the Random House Unabridged quite a bit since I got it and find it really useful and helpful, particularly with my editing work, which is also done on the computer. I like its format and how convenient it is to search with it, as well as look up successive words in a chain and then trace back along the chain." D.L.

You can purchase your own copy of this dictionary for $25.


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