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Newsletter #8 - 4/19/02

In this newsletter:

  • Oxford English Dictionary version 3.0 on CD is now available!
  • Excellent Service
  • A Review of the Collins Cobuild line of dictionaries and other Collins Cobuild reference books
  • Tech Tips – Fixes on Collins Intense Bilingual Dictionaries
  • Tips - When you can't remember a word. How to find it.
  • Write to us
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Oxford English Dictionary version 3.0 on CD is now available

We have in stock the new version 3.0. To celebrate this new version we are selling the full license version for $215.00 and the upgrade for $115.00. Plus, as an existing customer, you can use the coupon code TZ1 to save an additional $5.00.

Some of the improvements in this version are: * Additional search features to allow users to construct more powerful searches across the OED. * Case sensitive searching * Exact character searching * Restricting searches to previous search results * Search on pronunciations * Extended range of wildcard options * The text of this version has been augmented with the inclusion of the Oxford English Dictionary Additions Series (Volumes 1-3), published in 1993 and 1997 * The Bibliography from the print edition has also been added to the text. * An option to install the OED to your hard drive has been added. Further the software will only require you to validate that you have an authentic CD every 90 days. This means you will not have to have the CD in the drive every time you start the OED.

Customer comments regarding the upgrade from version 2.0 to 3.0:

"OED version 3 installed correctly under Windows 2000 Pro. C-Dilla, their security program, has been improved and does not conflict with the operating system as it did with version 2, so all works well. "I like having the additional volumes. "I really like the changes they've made to the user interface. For example, simply being able to hit return and not be required to use the mouse to initiate the search command is a simple little change, but a nice one. And I really like being able to search while applying Boolean logic: this is powerful." W. A. M., Castro Valley, California

To get more information on this product go to: http://elearnaid.com/oedoxendicse.html

If you previously ordered the upgrade to version 3.0 or the full version of 3.0 you should already have it or at least received an email that it is on its way.

Tech Tips:

Fixes are available for the Collins Bilingual Dictionaries by Intense. Most of the fixes are for fairly minor problems, however if you want to use these products with Windows XP you must install them. The latest fixes are available at: colupfrominl.html

There is also data about copying the sound files from these Collins Bilingual Dictionaries to your hard drive at: coltalfrensp.html

Can't remember the word or even a similar word? – What do you do?

On many computerized dictionaries you can search through the definitions for something having to do with the word you are looking up. For example, I wanted to write a friend about a food dish made with sesame seeds but could not remember it, so I did a definition search on "sesame seeds". Instantly, I had the word I was looking for.

Some of the dictionaries that have this feature are:

Random House Webster's Unabridged ranhouswebun2.html

Oxford English Dictionary oedoxendicse.html

Collins Cobuild http://www.elearnaid.com/colcoboncdro1.html

Collins English Dictionary http://www.elearnaid.com/colelendicth.html

Longman Contemporary http://elearnaid.com/londicofcone.html


You'll find that we're dedicated to servicing our customers. If you don't get a good dictionary in your hands that you will use, then we haven't done our job.

"Yes, it arrived on Sunday Morning, Dec. 24, and helped make for a Merry Christmas in our home. Thanks again for your help in making that happen. Your service is really way above and beyond the norm for this business. You know how to go the extra mile -- and you can quote me on that if you like." T.C.

"eLearnAid fulfilled its commitment in a timely manner. It is exceptional and trustworthy." M.P.

"I am impressed by your service and follow-up." J.M.

Read more customer attestations at: http://www.elearnaid.com/whatpeoplesay.html

A Review of the Collins Cobuild line of dictionaries and other Collins Cobuild reference books

There are three main dictionaries: 1) The Students Dictionary 2) The Learner's Dictionary (Concise Edition) 3) The English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

Each one is designed for learners of English. This can include people whose first language is NOT English and they are learning English (often called ESL or English as a Second Language), or even English-speaking people who want a good dictionary with descriptive definitions.

One difference between these dictionaries and other English dictionaries is that each definition is a whole sentence using common words. It is not a phrase or a string of synonyms; but a full sentence. This makes it easier to understand.

Also, each definition uses the word in its typical context and shows the typical grammatical pattern associated with it. It also has several real example sentences showing the usage of the word. Here are some examples:

Light: If you light something such as a cigarette or a fire, or if it lights, it starts burning. Example: If the charcoal does fail to light, use a special liquid spray and light it with a long taper (a lighted candle). [From the Learner's Dictionary]

Fire: You can use fire to refer in an approving way to someone's energy and enthusiasm. Examples: I went to hear him speak and was very impressed. He seemed so full of fire. His punishing schedule seemed to dim his fire at times. [From the Advanced Learners Dictionary]

Within: If you have a feeling, you can say it is within you. Examples: She could almost feel fresh life and hope rising within her. ...a profound sense of loneliness deep within. [From the Student Dictionary]

The Student's Dictionary also has a special 220 page "English Grammar Guide" at the back of the book, complete with its own Table of Contents.

The Collins Cobuild Advanced Learners Dictionary and the Collins Cobuild Learners Dictionary also have a more complex grammar breakdown. For example instead of just listing a usage as a noun the dictionary distinguishes between nouns that can take a plural form and nouns that can not. These classifications are very helpful for the non-native speaker who is more likely to be unsure about how to use a word.

The Advanced Learners Dictionary on CD allows the user to look up these grammar terms rapidly and easily by referencing simple easy to understand definitions in the help files.

The Student Dictionary does has the more traditional grammar classifications of Noun, Verb, etc.

Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms

An idiom is a group of words, which have a different meaning when used together from the one they would have if you took the meaning of each word individually.

This dictionary is full of idioms. Surprise! Phrases such as "have other fish to fry" or "break the ice" or "a stitch in time saves nine" are all clearly defined with full-sentence definitions and lots of example sentences.

Collins Cobuild Student's Grammar: Self-study Edition with Answers

This looks like a classroom workbook and it may well be used for that, but it is also a reference book and a self-study workbook.

Each portion of English grammar is clearly explained in detail and completely. The left-hand pages explain the grammar and the right-hand pages are exercises so you can gain experience using what you've learned. There is also a glossary, table of contents and index to help you use this book solely for reference. There is no need to go through the book "lesson by lesson" unless that is exactly what you need or want for your grammar studies.

Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs

This dictionary concentrates on one particular aspect of the grammar and vocabulary of English: combinations of verbs with adverbial or prepositional particles. They are extremely common in English.

These combinations are generally called "phrasal verbs". They are often a particular problem for learners of English. Even though students may be familiar with both the verb in the phrasal verb and with the particle, they may not understand the meaning of the combination, since it can differ greatly from the meanings of the two words used independently.

This dictionary gives extensive information about phrasal verbs in English. The facts are presented in a very simple way, with plenty of real examples.

For example, this book clearly shows the differences between: bring back, bring along, bring over, bring off, etc.

There is more information about these dictionaries at: http://www.elearnaid.com/coldic.html



You can always write to us as we like to hear from you. Your views, ideas and even any difficulty you may have are of concern to us. We will try to help you with any matter you care to write to us about.

Write to: eLearnAid P O Box 921585 , Sylmar CA 91392 USA Email us!


If there was something in an earlier newsletter issue that you'd like to see again, please visit our website where we have published all our back issues.


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