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Random House Webster's College Dictionary (CD only)

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

1591505097  List price: US$30.00  Sale price: US$5.00  

Fully installs to your hard drive for instant access!

Does not work on 64 bit machines. We also now have the Random House Unabridged on CD. The software is more recent and works 64 bit computers.

From the publisher:

You're never at a loss for words with the combined authority and power of Random House Webster's College Dictionary on CD ROM for your personal computer. Hailed by generations of students, reviewers, and readers as the lexicographical leader in hardcover dictionaries, Random House Webster's imports its signature features and breadth of content to one user-friendly software program. With over 200,000 entries loaded onto the database, your definition search is never more than a few keystrokes or a quick drag-and-drop away. Scroll through the alphabetical word list, or search by first letters, parts of speech, all words, or numbers in the definition.

DRAG-ON SEARCH Simply drag any word, from any Windows® application you’re using, onto the Random House icon to display its definition instantly!

SPELL SEARCH If you already know the spelling of your target word, just type it into the Headword box then press Enter.

SCROLL SEARCH Scroll up and down the in-depth, alphabetical word database. When you find an intriguing entry, simply drag and drop it into the Headword box.

SLUETH SEARCH Not sure of the word, but you have a few clues? Let the reverse dictionary features of the software narrow your search by initial letters, grammatical part of speech, word definition fragment, or other key hints.
  1. Search by definition fragment: Type the first letter followed by an asterisk into the Headword box. Enter, into the Definition box, a few key words that may appear in the dictionary meaning.

    Press Enter for your results.

  2. Search by parts of speech: Enter the grammatical descriptor into the Definition box (e.g. "n" for noun, "v"" for verb)

    Refine your search by typing into the Headword box any desired first letters and asterisk.

In addition:
  • Spellcheck Plus: unlike most spell checking programs, this one also gives definitions
  • Slang: a complete database of slang words and colloquialisms
  • Deep Definitions: instantly define words within a definition
  • Crossword Help: no more “gridlock”! Find the word that fits your puzzle

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (ME), Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, or Microsoft Windows 7 (running XP compatibility mode)
  • 7MB of Hard Disk Space
  • 386 Processor or higher
  • CD-Rom Drive
  • Video Card
  • Mouse

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Random House Webster's College Dictionary (CD only) 1591505097  List price: US$30.00  Sale price: US$5.00  
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