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CD Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

RHUNCD  List price: US$39.95  Sale price: US$21.95  

Currently out of this product.

Please note: This edition does not pronounce the words (no sound files).

This CD contains all the definitions from the main section of the large Random House Webster's unabridged dictionary. This is a large very extensive dictionary that weights over 7 pounds on paper. For non-specialized words it almost never lets me down even when looking up words from the 1800s. It also has a lot more definitions for each word than most dictionaries. Thus you are able to find the exact meaning being used instead the vague idea you might get from a dictionary that combined definitions into one rather vague one.

In Stock - Works on 64 bit machines!

Works with Windows XP, Vista™, 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit)

Customer comment:
"The products were exactly what I was looking for with good descriptions that helped me choose. The merchandise arrived much sooner than expected."

"The e Learn Aid Company offered the Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary on disc! The people at e Learn Aid were prompt and thorough answering my questions, so I ordered it.

Ultimately, I received the best electronic dictionary I've ever seen, in three days! The company, without any prompting, kept me informed about my order at every stage of delivery. My perfect scores, across-the-board, in the rating of this merchant categories, are not an exaggeration.

I would not hesitate to deal with these folks again. Prior to this merchant review, I had already recommended this product and company to several friends."

D. G., Bradenton, Florida

Why be uncertain about a word? With a dictionary installed on your hard drive you can look up a word in seconds.

Our comments:
One of the most, if not the most, easy to understand American English dictionaries for its size (number of definitions). Even if you normally use a simpler dictionary this is a great one to have on your hard drive and it fully installs to disk. Whenever you need it, it is there. It also has a nice interface that is easy to use and lets you search the contents of the definition. (This is very handy, when you can't remember a word but can remember something about the word you are looking for. This search is also great for finding idioms!) You can also just search or browse the main word entries.

  • Installs to hard drive.
  • Updated when published in 1999 to include newer English words.
  • 315,000 dictionary entries
  • Search the entire content of the dictionary. This is great for idiom lookups, words you can't remember and other research! .
  • The display window can be maximized to take up the entire screen. This is helpful when you are comparing definitions trying to find which one fits the sentence you just read.
  • Some definitions list Antonyms (words with opposite meanings) and synonyms (words with similar meanings).
  • Lets you add words and definitions which can be shared by anyone in your group or organization.

Click here for a sample screen from the CD.

System Requirements

Computer: IBM PC

Operating system: Windows™ XP, Vista, 7 & 8
32 AND 64 bit machines.

What our customers say about an earlier edition of this dictionary on CD

"I think I've never rated any Internet merchant as excellent in all items. I was completely satisfied with the way my purchase was handled. The price was just perfect, and I would highlight the swift delivery (estimated at between 5 and 15 working days and I received the product within 5 days) and the care to label the product so as to avoid additional cost with customs in my country for clearing the product. The product exceeded my expectations." Adalberto Brito, Brazil

"It's been really helpful. Love the pronunciation part. Still exploring the possibilities and very satisfied." D.D.

"I bought the Random House Unabridged Dictionary. I have used the Random House Unabridged quite a bit since I got it and find it really useful and helpful, particularly with my editing work, which is also done on the computer. I like its format and how convenient it is to search with it, as well as look up successive words in a chain and then trace back along the chain." D.L.

"I recently purchased the Random House unabridged dictionary on CD rom. I have found this very useful. I use it frequently when writing papers for school. I changed one of my shortcut buttons on my key board to the dictionary so it opens at the touch of a button whenever I need it. It is much easier and faster than using an old fashioned dictionary." K.I.

"I am very happy with the dictionary. I use it often in my Web Design business." R.H.

"I have received the "Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary" and I find it very educating, and I think it will help me improve my English." K.M. of Denmark

From the Publisher

With fifty years of experience in dictionary publishing behind it, Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary is the most definitive single-volume reference of the English language available--and the only dictionary of its kind available on CD-ROM. This modern dictionary offers an exhaustive, traditional record of the language, while covering the latest, most important developments--ahead of any other dictionary.

Using cutting-edge technology, Random House is able to bring you Newer Words Faster. The Random House Living Dictionary Database™, from which Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary was developed, is an immense revolutionary computerized database for direct, immediate, on-line editing. Dictionary entries can be updated on-screen as required, and most importantly, vital new vocabulary, from science to slang, can be added instantly, the moment it emerges in our language.

The CD-ROM includes not only the full text of the printed dictionary, complete with all the new words integrated into the A to Z listing, The improved search engine offers flexibility and ease of use.

Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary is designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of today's students and scholars, who study ancient documents one day and surf the Internet the next; of professional writers, who craft poems or write articles for technical journals; of businesspeople, who need to communicate clearly, whether face-to-face or fax-to-fax; and--above all--the needs of word lovers.

In addition to standard and specialized vocabulary, this extensive volume contains a wide variety of features, authoritative factual and encyclopedic information. It is truly a unique general reference volume for the office, the school, and the entire family.

Important features include:
  • Over 315,000 entries
  • 1,500 updated definitions and entries
  • Scholarly, etymologies, including dates to show when terms entered the language, and showing clearly labeled Americanisms
  • Entries for important and famous people; places and historical events; major works of literature, music, and art; names and abbreviations of academic, governmental, social, and fraternal organizations; popular given names; common abbreviations; and foreign terms
  • Entries and definitions for current place names, reflecting recent political and geographical changes worldwide
  • Coverage of major British, Canadian, and Australian terms
  • Over 75,000 example phrases and sentences to show how words are used in context
  • Metric equivalents for weight, volume, height, distance, etc., included in definitions and captions
  • Endangered species identified

    A comprehensive dictionary in one volume

    With over 315,000 entries, the language of literature, the terms in your textbooks, and the nuances in your newspapers are all here.

    With an all-new search engine, the CD-ROM is a flexible tool with advanced features designed to meet the needs of scholars, students, businesspeople, and anyone else who needs an extensive, versatile resource for words.
    • Find the word you need--when you need it.
    • Do specialized computer searches.
    • Print the results.

      "Look no further!" --Booklist

      This is also a great product for your organization or group.

      CD Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary RHUNCD  List price: US$39.95  Sale price: US$21.95  

View the back cover of this product

Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (Hardcover + CD  8.6 lb.)
Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (Hardcover + CD 8.6 lb.)

List price: US$99.95
Sale price: US$72.00
Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (Hardcover only)
Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (Hardcover only)

List price: US$69.95
Sale price: US$42.00
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Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary from WordGenius Review

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